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World Class Martial Arts Training for Everyone. 

Get started in Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiujitsu and No-gi Grappling with the highest quality of trainers on the island. Try your first class for $35.00.

Pineapple MMA Striking Room
We've been asked a lot.. Why the name Pineapple MMA?

In Thailand & Brazil – the homes of Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, pineapples are everywhere. We wanted a name that is memorable. We wanted a place that feels refreshing and welcoming for anyone to train in. We want people to ask the question – why Pineapple?

Martial arts gyms have often been typecasted as male-dominated, aggressive and gritty. Being around many high-level martial artists, we know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of them are some of the most humble, relaxed and disciplined people we know. Kind of like a pineapple – tough and spiky on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside!

Fun fact: in Brazil, a tough and tricky fighter is often referred to as a pineapple – abacaxí!

I want to try...
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Muay Thai

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Our trainers are pro fighters and trainers from elite global martial arts organizations.

What members are saying
Ernst Osinga
Marketing Professor

The level of coaching at Pineapple MMA is very high, but it's also a very friendly environment. Muay Thai is very good for releasing my stress. I think, some people like yoga to feel a sense of inner peace... I actually feel more peaceful after kicking stuff, so Muay Thai really helps! I also started Jiu-jitsu and while learning curve is steep, I like that I can test my application skills with the techniques I've learned in class with my training partners.

meliza Cover_3.1.1.jpg
Meliza Leitch
Tech Sales

When I used to go to the gym, all I was working out for was the aesthetics. I wanted to be like one of those 'Instagram girls'. But it was not getting me anywhere. Then I thought why not I quit weight training and put myself out there to try something new? And that's how I ended up with trying Muay Thai, and falling in love with it. I feel like having a goal I'm working towards :)

Alphonsus Liang
School Teacher

I've been doing Muay Thai since 2008. I was watching Contender Asia and it inspired me. But the real reason I started Muay Thai was to lose weight. Lifting weights and jogging wasn't really working out for me. So I tried martial arts. Even after training for so long, I am still learning something new with every lesson at Pineapple MMA. The trainers are motivated to see you do better when you're here.

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 8.58.01 PM.png
Peggy Teo
Ecommerce Executive

Initially I thought that martial arts was really violent. But when my friends and I tried it out, we realised that "Eh? It's actually quite fun!" I like to challenge myself, and that't how I got started. My main motivation was to lose weight and get stronger. But after training more, I realised martial arts was helpful as a form of self-defence. Pineapple MMA is very conveniently located in Central, so I can train during lunch or after work hours. 

Our Trainers.

Only real coaches with actual experience fighting and coaching at the highest world-class level. Not a "pretend" world champion. Our trainers' accreditation is backed with years of experience competing in premier promotions of their respective sports as professional fighters. As coaches, they've worked with the most elite fighters in globally famed fight promotions. 

Master Yod,
Yodkunsup Por. Pongsawang

Head Trainer

Muay Thai, MMA Striking, Boxing

Kru Kauk, Petchmuangchon Por. Suantong


Muay Thai, MMA Striking, Boxing

Coach Winnia,


Muay Thai, Boxing

Kru John,
Yodpetch Wor. Sangprapai


Muay Thai, MMA Striking, Boxing

Kru Poppy,
Phetthanakrit JSP Gym


Muay Thai, MMA Striking, Boxing

Coach Osz,
Hisyam Osman

Grappling Coach

Jiu Jitsu, No-gi Grappling

Kru Day,
Palangpol Petchyindee


Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA Striking

Coach Shafiq,
Nur Iryani


Muay Thai, Boxing

What's Waiting For You

World Famous Trainers

UFC, ONE Championship, Bellator MMA are some of the organizations our trainers have worked with.

Massive Class Schedule

120+ classes every week. First class starts at 7am and last class finishes at 10pm. We are open Mon - Sun.

Central Location Close to CBD

We are near Bencoolen & Dhoby Ghaut MRT. Walking distance from SMU, Lazada, UBS. Ask us about Corporate Discounts.

5-Star Cleanliness & Ambience

The gym is professionally cleaned 3 times daily. Our common areas are freshly scented by Oo La Lab.

Complete Shower Facility

Enjoy free use of towels, shower, Sukin shampoo, body wash and Dyson hair dryer after class.

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"oh yeah"
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Pineapple MMA-logo-FA.PNG
Start training from $73/week

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